Helping Business Leaders Become Healthy Leaders
“I experience more hope and meaning for myself,
other people and the enterprises I am involved in.”
Lans Bovenberg 
Dutch Economist
Founder of Netspar
An online program equipping you and your team with emotional wellness.
Pursue Success Without Sacrificing the Relationships that Matter Most
So many leaders are surprised to discover their closest relationships are on the brink of destruction, even in the midst of career achievement and growth. 

So is it possible to win at work and at home?

Our online course unlocks the secret to healthy communication and connection in every area of your life. Learning why you do what you do helps your key relationships thrive so you can achieve the highest levels of personal and corporate productivity.

This Online Course Will Help You
  •  Lead stronger, more unified teams
  •  Better manage difficult people
  • ​Foster a productive work environment
  •  Win in business...and at home
  •  Find hope again for your future
  • ​Heal marriage & family relationships
  •  Communicate effectively
  •  Build meaningful relationships
  • ​Accurately assess your team's needs
Three Steps to Successful Relationships
Discover your unique values through a 4­-hour online course understanding why people do what they do
Identify Your Values
Your journey begins with Basic C.O.R.E. Values
This series will unlock a simple, but profound relationship framework that every human being operates in—both in healthy and unhealthy ways. As you discover your Values, you will learn how to discern the Values of those you live and work with, and receive practical tools to win in relationships.

We recommend you do the course with a small group, like your leadership team, managers, or with your spouse.
Implement Healthy Connection
Understand yourself and others better. 
You will be able to execute the tools of relational health, putting into practice the interpersonal dynamics of C.O.R.E. Values. This is not a behavior modification program—this is a framework that sets you free to discover who you truly are and to help others around you become their best selves in the process.

This is done best by continuing to meet periodically with your small group, sharing what you are learning along the way.
Thrive in Relationships
Win at work and at home.
Many business leaders are in danger of losing the relationships that matter most to them as they succeed at work. 

C.O.R.E. Values shows you how to restore broken connections with your spouse, children, and those closest to you, while learning how to apply these same principles in your workplace. It’s time to win at work…and at home. 
"The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health."
- Patrick Lencioni
Author of "The Advantage"
What Difference Does Healthy C.O.R.E. Values Make?
No matter the business or the industry, we help leaders just like you.

"C.O.R.E. Values helped fix and renew my estranged relationship with my oldest son, brought healing to my relationship with my wife, and significant healing to the rest of the family."

Johannes Baratta
Executive Board Member
3rd largest Private Bank in Germany

"Through C.O.R.E. Values I was able to find more success with my team...
and even at home with my son"

Creighton Arita
CEO, TeamPraxis

"My family relationships have improved tremendously and my company has experienced amazing relational growth...and work is fun and fulfilling!”

Patrick Low
Vineyard Investment Realty, LLC

Basic C.O.R.E. Values
Learn why people do what they do, discover healthy communication, and watch your organization transform
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
How is C.O.R.E. Values Different?
As a leader, we know what it’s like to go through multitudes of books, seminars, and courses on team work and personality differences. And these have helped a bit. But what they lack is the ability to address the root issues in our lives—they only deal with external behavior.

CORE Values is different because it dives under the surface to reveal why we do what we do, then step by step equips you with the practical tools that restores relationships and brings a sense of fulfillment at work and home. 
Current studies show that more and more individuals are taking medications to help them just make it through the day, especially in major U.S. cities. And emotional and mental health issues are quietly destroying marriages, leadership teams, and entire organizations…even countries!

The good news is there is a relationship framework that quickly and simply exposes the breakdown in our lives and gives us the tools to change. We call this framework “C.O.R.E. Values.”

The Power of C.O.R.E. Values

Before becoming an international voice as a Relationship and Emotional Health Coach, Beth Barone lived in brokenness and despair.

She even spent time in a mental hospital battling for her life.

It was from this dark place of almost giving up that Beth discovered the power of C.O.R.E. Values and their life-transforming principles—the very tools she now teaches that helped her move from despair to emotional wellbeing. This framework helped her strengthen her marriage, empower her children with health, and thrive in her work relationships.

Today, Beth works with CEOs, management teams, high-impact leaders, and industry influencers all around the world, strengthening healthy interpersonal connections in the relationships that matter the most. She has successfully restored the majority of the marriages she has worked with and helped frustrated leaders reconcile with their children.

She has seen it all and therefore believes there is hope for you too—no matter what situation you find yourself in at home and work.

Hope begins today

Getting started is easy. Simply…

1) Purchase the online course and download the workbook: access HD streaming video on your laptop, TV, or mobile device

2) Put into practice the clear, actionable tools you learn from the program

3) Experience new levels of peace and productivity in the relationships that matter the most

All the heavy lifting has been done for you to get these tools into your hands. You don’t have to let setbacks keep you from the life you’ve been working so hard for so long to achieve.

We invite you to take the first step of transformation today.
What happens if nothing changes?
How much are dysfunctional relationships costing you at home and in the office? How much time and money is lost on employee turnover? How much longer can you ignore the growing chasm between you and the most important people in your life...before it’s too late?

Avoiding relational health is costing you more than you realize.
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